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Faculty – Dr.M.Gopi Krishna Number of classes – 5 Classes Timing – 9.30 to 10.30PM Medium – English /Hindi Recordings available for 30days. E-Certi...
5 Lectures
What if your own body cells or immune system attacks you makes you weak and unhealthy when your body can’t distinguish between foreign cells ...
10 Lectures
10 Lessons
Kustha a tridosajavyadhi of bahyarogamarga combines all skin disorders which are difficult totreat. In present era of dushivishas and improper aaha...
14 Lectures
12 Days
Vata the driving force behind all the body activities and being the niyantrak of mind, senses and perception when vitiated leads to 80 types of vat...
17 Lectures
15 Sessions
Vata is prana of the humans as it is responsible for all chestas &the deranged vata leads to 80 types of vatavyadhis There is a long list of di...
16 Lectures
15 Sessions
Parada is the chief ingredient of Rasashastra.Whole Rasashastra is based on Parada and its processing’s. During various processing’s, many formulat...
6 Lectures
6 Days
Rasadravyas are categorised based on their effect on Parada and its properties, so are the drugs related to Uparasa varga as well. Uparasa are inse...
19 Lectures
15 Days