Uparasa – Key role in Therapeutics

Rasadravyas are categorised based on their effect on Parada and its properties, so are the drugs related to Uparasa varga as well.

Uparasa are inseparable part of group comprising  Gandhaka ,Gairika , Kasisa , Kankshi , Haratala , Manahshila ,Anjana , kankusta , these 8 wonder minerals are sub ordinate to Maharasa having key role in Parada karma in term of prabhava and roganashaka Shakti .

Indian institute of Ayurveda and Rasashastra is happy to launch a unique certificate course on Uparasa which aims you to teach the basics of identification of drugs as grahya lakshana , Gun karma(therapeutic usage) , shodhana ,marana , and posology, pathyapathya while intake of these minerals.

So, join us to learn the science and art to practice it efficiently in clinics in various stages of disease manifestation


Dr.M.Gopi krishna – Uparasa and Rasashastra

Dr.Ravishankar – Pharmacology and toxicity studies in Uparasa

Dr.Ajayan – Herbal drugs used in Uparasa

Dr.Austulakshmi – Mineralogical identification of Uparasa’

Dr.R.V.Karanth- Geology of Uparasa drugs.

Dr.Abhijeet saraf – Uparasa in Brihatree

Uparasa timetable:

19/10/2021 – Tuesday

20/10/21- Wednesday


22/10/21 – Friday

26/10/21- Tuesday

27/10/21- Wednesday


29/10/21- Friday

8/11/21- Monday

9/11/21- Tuesday

10/11/21- Wednesday

11/11/21- Thursday

12/11/21- Friday

Registration fee – Rs 1000

Platform – Zoom

Medium – English

Timing – 9.30 to 10.30PM

Terms and conditions:

  • Once registered the fee shall not be refunded at any circumstances
  • Pharmacology, toxicity and geology part are covered of most important drugs as per opinion of the respected speakers.
  • No zoom link shall be posted to any one, everyone has to log in through the website only by their respective login details and password (created by themselves)( for more details look into FAQ in web site)
  • While registering do enter your name correctly which shall be used to generate a certificate in that name itself.
  • Every day as per schedule once you enter the classroom -you need to mention your registered name in zoom class.
  • Every registered participant shall get an e-certificate, once they accomplish viewing all classes.
  • Karanth sir session shall be recording posted or the live session shall be during day timings.
  • Recordings are available for 45 days from date of registration in website from registered mail id.
  • Once you are registered you get a telegram ( app) link in your registered mail inbox/spam folder and all are requested to join the telegram group for daily updates and announcements( if any).
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Enrolled: 67 students
Duration: 15 Days
Lectures: 19
Level: Intermediate