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About IIAR

This website is intended to popularize a very important but not so well understood aspect of Ayurveda. Rasashastra or the Science of metals and mineralogy gained popularity in the seventh century AD and grew into a splendid science capable of curing many ailments that defeats other systems of medicines.

This website is intended to teach students and the lay public
about the wonders of Rasashastra and how it can advance the science of Ayurveda and its understanding both in India and abroad.

Mishra ji
Prof. Siddhinandan Mishra ji
Founder, IIAR
Dr. Gopi Krishna
Co-Founder, IIAR
Mrs. Vasanthi
Director, IIAR
Why Us

Bringing You New Life

The website is intended to teach the Ayurveda & Rasashastra doctors about the art of herbo – metallo – mineral prescriptions in day to day routine clinical practice & a forum about the healthcare system to be redefined under the umbrella of traditional mineralogical – metallurgical & the most important therapeutic guidelines for an advance level of understanding the wonders of Rasashastra.


Why We Are Better

Uttamo Rasavaidyah
Rasavaidyah is a best physician who practices with the mercurial prescriptions & we from IIAR intend to discuss about these issues in this forum and make the individual to get acquainted to rasa prescription in day to day clinical practice .

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