Diabetic management in Ayurveda – Special Guest Lecture Series

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Enrolled: 232 students
Duration: 4 Weeks
Lectures: 10
Video: 8 Hours
Level: Intermediate

In this fast moving world and with lots of lifestyle changes humans are prone to so many disorders or group of diseases. The chief among them is Prameha which on long run converts into madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus). India is the second hub for diabetic patients. It is the high time to come together and develop skills to treat diabetic patients.


1. Dr. Gopi Krishna.M
Chairman –IIAR
Prof. HOD – RSBK –SJGAMC-Koppal
Topic – Rasoushadhies in Diabetic management .
Date – 30/04/2021 , 01/04/2021 and 22/05/2021

2. Dr. Kashinath Samagandi
Associate Professor
Dept. of Swasthavritta & yoga
National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur
Topic – Yoga in Prameha Date – 07/05/2021

3. Dr. Sridhar Bairy
Ayurvedic Vaidhya
Vijaya Ayurvedic Clinic, Bhramhavara & Udupi
Topic – Herbal drugs used in Prameha management .
Date – 08/05/2021

4. Dr. Srivatsa Navalur
Professor & HOD
Dept of Panchakarma,
Sanjeevini Ayurveda Medical college, Hubballi.
Topic – Panchakarma in Prameha management
Date -14/05/2021

5. Dr. Mamata .K.V
SDM College of Ayurveda & Hospital,
Kuthpady, Udupi
Topic – Gestational diabetic management in Ayurveda
Date -15/05/2021

6. Dr. Upendra Dixit
Rastriya Ayurveda Guru
Rastriya Ayurveda Vidhyapeeth ,
under dept. of AYUSH, govt of India.
Topic – Diabetic management in clinical practice
Date -21/05/2021