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Enrolled: 37 students
Duration: 60
Lectures: 4
Level: Intermediate

Faculty –

  • M.Gopi Krishna
  • Jyoti Verma
  • Pallavi.M

Number of classes – 4 Classes {03/04/2023 to 06/04/2023}

Timing – 9.30 to 10.30PM

Medium – English

Recordings available for 30days.

E-Certificate issued to the delegates who ever accomplish the course.

The symptoms of allergies can be mild irritations, or they can be severe and life-threatening emergencies such as anaphylactic shock. As a result of chemicals, pollution, and artificial diet, our immunity is weakened, and clinically compromised, and we are weak in our ability to defend ourselves against foreign bodies. As a result of these antigens, we can develop food allergies, drug allergies, dermatitis, coughs, bronchitis, distress, and other allergic conditions.

Due to these circumstances, the Indian Institute of Ayurveda and Rasashastra (www.iiar.co.in) is offering an online certificate program covering the basics to therapeutics of allergic conditions, including the path-physiology, clinical experiences, agadas, rasoushadhies, and other therapeutic approaches.

Become a master at treating such conditions by enrolling in this new course at www.iiar.co.in.

Date of commencement of session:

03/04/2023- 06/04/2023

Registration fee- 900/-

Terms and conditions:

  • Once registered the fee shall not be refunded at any circumstances
  • No zoom link shall be posted to any one, everyone has to log in through the website only by their respective login details and password (created by themselves)( for more details look into FAQ in web site)
  • While registering do enter your name correctly which shall be used to generate a certificate in that name itself.
  • Every day as per schedule once you enter the classroom -you need to mention your registered name in zoom class.
  • Every registered participant shall get an e-certificate, once they accomplish viewing all classes.
  • Recordings are available for 30 days from date of registration in website from registered mail id.
  • Once you are registered you get a telegram (app) link in your registered mail inbox/spam folder and all are requested to join the telegram group for daily updates and announcements (if any).

For queries and help reach us on – [email protected]