Parpatikalpana – The Hidden treasure in Rasashastra

Parada is the chief ingredient of Rasashastra.Whole Rasashastra is based on Parada and its processing’s. During various processing’s, many formulations are designed and Parpati is one among themParpati literally means crust/ thin crisp wafer.  They are called so because of their typical crust like appearance.It is categorized under moorchanasanskara of parada.

These are therapeutically very active preparations and very less discussed. There is a concept that parpatis are used only for GIT disorders as it gains deepana and pachana effect. But no- there are a lot other therapeutic actions of parpati which are less known and applied clinically.By attending this course you are expected to learn the pharmaceutical and therapeutic skills in prescribing Parpatikalapas.

Here in our E-Learning Platform of IIAR we would be discussing in detail about the Preparation, Indication and various other therapeutics experienced during the administration of the same.

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03/02/2022 Basics of Parpatikalpas Dr. M .Gopikrishna
04/02/2022 Mode of administration of Parpatikalpas Dr. M .Gopikrishna
05/02/2022 Various parpatikalpas Dr. M .Gopikrishna
07/02/2022 Therapeutics of Parpatikalpas Dr. M .Gopikrishna
08/02/2022 Discussion on Parpati kalpas Dr.Pallavi.M
09/02/2022 Discussion on parpati kalpas Dr.Jyothi Verma


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