Rasoushadhies in Kriyakala – A Clinical Approach

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Kriyakala- stage wise disease management .a new milestone in journey of e-learning program by IIAR the primary objective of this series is to to describe the importance of of Kriya Kala- the six stages in prognosis  and the level of intervention.

This course will teach you how to intervene with rasa oushadies in the early stages of a disease itself. You become the Vaidya who makes your patient healthy and disease free! For those who have gone beyond, learn about our powerful rasoushadies like Hema garbha potalli,etc.. which can work its magic even in an ICU setting.

By this e- learning program will give you vision about six stages of doshas vitiation and we can detect the pathogenesis and vitiation of doshas at the earliest  and can stop them to rise to the next higher stages of pathogenesis .we would be able to provide best treatment by doing the samprapti vightana.


1. Dr. Gopi Krishna.M
Chairman –IIAR
Bellary, Karnataka



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