Vatavyadhi – A Journey from Basics to Therapeutics

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Enrolled: 48 students
Duration: 15 Sessions
Lectures: 16
Video: 15 Hours
Level: Intermediate

Vata is prana of the humans as it is responsible for all chestas &the deranged vata leads to 80 types of vatavyadhis There is a long list of diseases which are caused by vata which include sandigata vata, amavata, krostuka sirsha, kampavata,pakshaghata, avabahuka, etc- musculoskeletal & neurological conditions. These asadharana vyadhis caused by only vitiation of vata are termed as Vatavyadhis. Proper understanding of vata and its vitiated condition are necessary to know to keep the body in equilibrium.

Here  in our E-Learning Platform of IIAR we would be discussing about the vatavyadhi’s characterisation, general chikitsa and detailed discussion on the very regularly encountered vatavyadhis in the daily practice. How to practice at the OPD & IPD levels.

Hurry up and book your seats soon and grab the golden opportunity to learn in detail about Vatavyadhi- A Journey From Basics To Theraputics 

Date of commencement of session:

15/02/2022 – 4/3/2022- Main session

Registration fee- 3000/- 

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Faculty – Dr.M.Gopi Krishna 

Number of classes – 15 Classes

Timing – 9.30 to 10.30PM

Medium – English /Hindi

Recordings available for 60days.

E-Certificate issued to the delegates who ever accomplish the course.

Topic  Faculty
Applied anatomy of nervous system Dr.Mohan Goldsmith, Koppal
Nadi Pariksha & Importance of Vatavyadhi in Clinical Practice Vd.Tapan Kumar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Vatavyadhi Chikitsa in routine clinical Practice Dr.Muralidhar Sharma, Udupi
Panchakarma Chikitsa For treating Vatavyadhis Dr.Gurumahantesh T M, Koppal
Rasaushadhis in vatavyadhi Dr.Gopikrishna M, Bellary, Karnataka
Understanding  Vatavyadhis in Clinical Practice Dr.Upendra Dixit, Goa
Role of Agada chikitsa & Pathyapathya in treating Vatavyadhi. Dr. Gopi Krishna  S, Kottakal, Kerala
Vatavyadi in Clinical Practice Dr.Raghavendra Acharya, Udupi Karnataka
Marma chikitsa – Vata vyadhi Dr.Ajayan. S, Trivandrum, Kerala
Formulations discussion – Vatavydhi Dr.Jyoti Verma, Sriganganagar, Rajasthan
Formulations discussion – Vatavydhi Dr. Pallavi. M, Hospet, Karnataka


Vatavyadhi – session 1 15/2/2022 Tuesday
Vatavyadhi – session 2 16/2/2022 Wednesday
Vatavyadhi – session 3 17/2/2022 Thursday
Vatavyadhi – session 4 20/2/2022 Sunday
Vatavyadhi – session 5

Vatavyadhi – session 6

Vatavyadhi – session 7







Vatavyadhi – session 8 24/2/2022 Thursday
Vatavyadhi – session 9 25/2/2022 Friday
Vatavyadhi – session  10 26/2/2022 Saturday
Vatavyadhi – session 11 27/2/2022 Sunday
Vatavyadhi – session 12

Vatavyadhi – session 13

28/2/2022   2/3/2022 Monday , Wednesday
Vatavyadhi – session 14 3/3/2022 Thursday
Vatavyadhi – session 15 4/3/2022 Friday

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